What if….with Lisa Pressman


Lisa Pressman

“What if” is artist Lisa Pressman’s mantra. What if you did it this way, what if you didn’t do that at all? What if you scraped back, exposed this or obliterated that?

We practiced mark making and experimented with different mediums to see how they reacted with heat and wax. It was an invigorating 2-day workshop and we could have gone on for another day or two. It was wonderful to meet Lisa, having heard good things about her workshop from Kristina Honn-Trudell who persuaded several of us from Encausticamp to make the trek to Portland. I am so glad that I did. I also had the opportunity to meet another encaustic artist, Elise Wagner. We had some wonderful artists in our workshop, too, so it was inspiring to see everyone’s work. It was a great encaustic weekend.


I Hear The Wind


Turmoil Encapsulated


Life Goes On


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Paint San Miguel de Allende with Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise

Our first workshop to Oaxaca filled so quickly, that Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise wanted to offer two more Painting trips next year. The first is Paint Mexico City March 13-22, and the second, to San Miguel de Allende October 9-17.


San Miguel de Allende was appointed a Unesco heritage site in 2008, and is reaching its 500th birthday with a rich history steeped in independence, survival and hospitality. Our base for this trip will be the equally colorful and historical Casa de la Noche, a former bordello. You can read more about the history here. Casa de La Noche is owned by Barbara Poole who has been renovating and creating the perfect setting for our art gathering.


The trips costs $2,500 based on double occupancy. UPDATE 4/17–all single rooms have been taken. 4/20 There is one spot left

  • Includes 8 nights accommodations at Casa De La Noche
  • Welcoming fiesta
  • Five days creating with Katie and Judy that will include sketching, painting, plastering and a few surprises thrown in by these two very inspiring and generous artists. Classes will be held at La Noche.
  • Guest artist lesson or visit to their studio
  • Eight breakfast, six lunches, three dinners
  • 1 Cooking class
  • Market tours
  • Attend La Aurora artist’s open house
  • Most art supplies will be provided
  • Transportation to/from airport (set time each way)
  • Time to explore this Unesco heritage cobblestone-lined city
  • Farewell dinner
  • A new art tribe

Excludes airfare to/from San Miguel. The trip will be limited to 14 participants with just a couple of single rooms available, so register early if you want one. A nonrefundable $500 deposit reserves your participation with the balance due June 1, 2015. Installments can be made for the remaining balance (that’s why we are telling you so early!).



Painting by Judy Wise
Photo by Paula Fava

To sign up for the trip, contact Kathie Vezzani for more information or to register by filling out the contact form below.

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Paint Mexico City with Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise

www.kathievezzani.comOur first workshop to Oaxaca filled so quickly, that Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise wanted to offer two more Painting trips next year. The first is Paint Mexico City March 14-22, and the second, to San Miguel de Allende October 9-17.

In Mexico City we will stay in the Condesa neighborhood filled with Art-Deco buildings, parks and restaurants. It is a very dog friendly neighborhood where water bowls outside restaurants are the norm. The cost for this 9-day trip is $3,100 based on double occupancy.

    • Includes 8 nights accommodation at the #1 B&B in Mexico City, the Red Tree House with our gracious hosts Craig and Jorge and their wonderful staff. You will be amazed at the artwork spread throughout their rooms, some even made by Craig who creates assemblages and is a longtime set designer for the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

Official Red Tree House Greeter, Abril


Dining room, main house, Red Tree House


Chiles Rellenos at the Red Tree House

  • Welcoming Fiesta
  • Five days creating with Katie and Judy that will include sketching, painting, plastering and a few surprises thrown in by these two very inspiring and generous artists. Classes will be held on the rooftop of the Red Tree House annex.
  • Seven breakfast, six lunches, four dinners
  • An evening with special friends, internationally known photographer, Ignacio Urquiza and his wife, Laura Cordera, a food stylist in their beautiful art-filled home with a special photography show and accompanying tasty treats.
  • Two exploring days to visit the ancient canals of Xochimilco that Mexico City was built upon and where we will float along the same waters as the Aztecs did, Chapultepec Castle, The Museo de Arte Popular where we will see folk art from all of Mexico, the enormous zocolo, Palacio National, the site of the Mexican government with its impressive Diego Rivera murals, Frida Kahlo’s Blue House and more.


  • Market tour with pastry chef
  • Most art supplies will be provided
  • Transportation on travel days
  • Farewell dinner
  • A new art tribe

Excludes airfare to/from Mexico City and taxi to/from airport (approximately 250 pesos).

The trip will be limited to 12 participants. A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is due now with the remaining payment due January 1, 2015 (lots of time to make payments!). Installments can be made for the remaining balance.

We hope you can join us to Paint Mexico City. Contact Kathie to register or for more information by filling out the contact form.

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Studying under Marc Chagall

www.kathievezzani.com: #studyingunderthemasters

This is my study of Marc Chagall in Studying Under the Masters with Katie Kendrick. I painted it in my large 9.5″ x 14″ journal.

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Veil of Tears


The weather has finally warmed up enough to allow more time in my garage where I practice my encaustic. This piece is 12″x 12″ on plaster.

This method is what I will share in my first online course, Plaster and Wax 101: portraits illuminated from within. You can still sign up for early registration prices here on JeanneOliverDesigns.com.

www.kathievezzani.com; www.jeanneoliverdesign.com

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Plaster and Wax 101, an online course

My trip to San Miguel de Allende last October has been life changing. My intent and sole purpose of going on that trip was to spend time with Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick, to add them to my support network. I had met Judy on line and at Encausticamp and I took Katie’s very first on-line course and then “met” her while working at the Grand Theater. Not only have these two wonderful women become my friends, but now I find that I am promoting workshops with them. How lucky am I?

And to top it off, I met other wonderful artists, including the effervescent Jeanne Oliver who asked me while in San Miguel if I would be interested in teaching on her website. Well, it took me all of two seconds to say yes and now here it is. Plaster and Wax 101 (portraits illuminated from within) is a two-week course scheduled to start May 19 and will be available on line for 1 year.


To sign up, go here. Hope to see you in class and fill free to share! I am giddy with anticipation and look forward to this new opportunity.

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Mesmerizing art of José Rodríguez

www.kathievezzani.com;José Rodríguez www.kathievezzani.com; Jose Rodriguez www.kathievezzani.com;José Rodríguez www.kathievezzani.com;José Rodríguez;

I find these pieces by El Salvador artist José Rodríguez fascinating. He doesn’t have a website so finding information about him outside of facebook was daunting, but I did find the following blurb from a show he did a couple of years ago.

José Rodríguez makes a radical departure from reality by creating environments that appear as foreign as they are beautiful, employing his skill in drawing and painting and utilizing hyper-realism and the surreal. His figures often mesmerize viewers with a fixed gaze, imploring them to participate in a scene that defies all logic. The quietly intense power of Rodriguez’s surreal world has earned him a following recognized by critics and collectors alike, and during the past fifteen years he has won top awards in both national and international museum competitions. His work has been acquired by the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, the Museum of Art and Design in Costa Rica, as well as by private collectors in Spain, New York, Miami, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Italy and Morocco. (An excerpt from a posting from Salt Fine Art.)

You can find him on Facebook.

For more images go to Artodyssey’s posting on his work.

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There’s a theme going on

Today’s Pinterest picks seemed to have a theme so I thought I would share these very cool encaustic pieces that I pinned to my Encaustic Board.

Fledglings by Kathy Miller at IronBearPress.
www.kathievezzani.com; Kathy Miller

Kim Bruce has a whole shoe series called “heels” on her website.

www.kathievezzani.com; www.kimbruce.ca; encaustic

And this little beauty is by Alicia Tormey.
www.kathievezzani.com; Alicia Tormey

This piece by Louise Richardson is not encaustic, but still fits today’s theme. Check her photo stream on her flicker site, she makes wonderful pieces of art.
www.kathievezzani.com;Louise Richardson

To see more of my picks, go here to my Pinterest boards.

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Studying under Botticelli

www.kathievezzani.com; #studyingwiththemasters

As I mentioned previously on my blog, Studying Under the Masters is an online workshop through Jeanne Oliver’s website. It’s a nine week course that will stay up for two years. Yes people, I said two years! Long enough for you to take your time studying each master with the nine instructors.

Jenny Wentworth was the guest instructor for studying with Sandro Botticelli. I love Italian art, it is my all time favorite and when my family visited the Louvre, that was the section I had to see. This is my study.

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Homage to a wonderful Italian I knew

Recently, my family lost the most wonderful, proud Italian, my father-in-law, the man my husband was named after, although I called him Mr. V. He lived a long life full of family and good friends and was a supportive and loving grandfather to my two sons.  He loved me unconditionally and I will always treasure our time together, especially the times we shared on the golf course.

This piece kind of rattled around in my head for a week while I was acknowledging his death and my grief. It’s called, Final Ascension. I started with a drawer, added plaster to the inside,  a layered background, then encaustic wax and oils. The piece from a watch hanging on the outside right frame represents time unraveling, and small pieces of watches embedded into the wax show the path through the sky toward the top.

www.kathievezzani.com, plaster, encaustic, assemblage, bird, ladder

www.kathievezzani.com, plaster, encaustic, assemblage

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