Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah

If you ever have the chance, visit the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia and make sure that you book Shannon Scott as your tour guide. He is a mesmerizing speaker with wonderful stories. Though it was cold, we were enchanted with the cemetery for over two hours and could have stayed longer had it been a bit warmer.

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Sweet Savannah

One of the highlights in our recent trip to Savannah with the Living Studio and Jeanne Oliver was our exposure to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The school has over 12,000 students and owns over 65 buildings in the city, many rehabilitated by the school. There are six galleries that are open to the public and the SCAD Museum. Serendipity allowed us to visit this museum because another museum was closed. There were three exhibits, an assemblage/mixed media exhibit by Nari Ward entitled “So-Called,” a representation of  beautifully designed Oscar de la Renta dresses and an unusual display of cigarettes for which I was thankful I didn’t have to stage because the smell of tobacco was overwhelming.

Outside there was a small house with a piano covered with keys and on the back was a screen showing the original store with thousands of keys and locks with a running story. Pretty cool for an assemblage artist to see.
The exhibits were great, but the most exciting thing we did was to participate in a live model studio. Everyone was so gracious to us and several insisted that we take our sketchbooks in and draw. Jeanne was over the moon because we were actually living her dream for the Living Studio. And we were so proud of our group because they all jumped in and sketched. It was my first time sketching live models.

The man on the right worked for Dreamworks for 20 years as an animator, is a graduate of SCAD and is drawing on the computer while the rest of used more traditional methods.

On the way out with our minds and hearts full we spied an antique store across the street. That was another good find. This was the way our last day went, one serendipitous thing after another. We ebbed and flowed with the best group of women who wholeheartedly joined in the adventure.
On one of our walks home, Jeanne and I discovered another SCAD gallery. Everything in the exhibit by Scott Carter  is made out of sheet rock, including the walls. Pretty awesome.

Here is our group of wonderful artists that we enjoyed so much in Savannah. Jeanne’s next Living Studio stateside will be in my hometown of Seattle next year. Details will be forthcoming but if you are interested, message me to be put on the list to contact.

Our merry band of artists!

Here is the link to the post Jeanne wrote about our trip together.

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Building history with Lisa Pressman

Lisa explains her method of building history in her paintings in this video. This is an example of what we will learn with Lisa in our workshop in Bali. If you are friends with Judy Wise, you can see what effect attending Lisa’s workshop has had on her paintings since she attended her retreat in Portland in January. She has been producing amazing work in acrylics. Lisa inspires all levels of artists to produce great work. I’ve seen it in person. She has the ability to make you look at your painting with a different perspective and quietly guides you by saying “what if?” It’s her favorite mantra. What if you go to Bali, learn from Lisa, and what if you go home with a life changing experience? What if?

Want to play with Lisa? In Bali, in an amazing hotel on the east coast of Bali with visits to temples, a weaving village with time for hiking, snorkeling and hanging out at the pool? Join us for Capturing the Essence of Bali August 29-Sept. 5.

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Create with Katie Kendrick and Pam Nichols

This year’s travel schedule is jam packed but I am sneaking in a couple of workshops at my house between trips. The first, Self on a Shelf with Katie Kendrick is March 7-8. We’ll be creating primitive dolls like the ones that a group of us made while in Bandon, Oregon. I have been felting wool sweaters which is fun in itself to see how much a sweater shrinks. You don’t have to be a seasoned sewer to create these magical creations, you can hand stitch the entire doll. Once you create your doll’s face on canvas, the magic begins as you sift through the pieces of wool, creating your little creature. You can accessorize using just about anything that strikes your fancy. Katie and I both used pieces of wood that we picked up off the beach in ours. Fern is just adorable and Katie’s style is so reflected in this doll. The pieces of wood for her horns are just fabulous, don’t you think?!

The two-day class cost includes some materials, two lunches and one dinner. Cost is $325


The second workshop is with the rust queen, Pam Nichols. If you have read my website, you know how much I love rust and wax. We had so much fun at our last workshop together that we are hosting two more Dyeing to Rust workshops, the first is May 29-31 and the second is July 17-19 (only 4 spots left). We’ll learn to rust the first night, creating wonderful rusty goodness to use in our encaustic pieces over the next two days. You will swoon over Pam’s collection of rust and we’ll be adding to it with a trip to her favorite scrapyard in early May. Pam will share her techniques on how to incorporate your rusty papers, fabric and even the rust itself to encaustic paintings. She’s a wonderful teacher and you will be amazed at what everyone creates. The price includes two dinners, two lunches and some supplies. The cost is $350.

Here are two previous postings about Pam – here and here.



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Creating in Savannah – Living Studio

When James Edward Oglethorpe founded Savannah in 1733, he planned the city around four open squares. His master plan, based on a series of grids, allowed for the addition of more squares, and today the city’s 22 public squares are one of Savannah’s defining features. The squares, many of which are surrounded by dramatic 19th-century mansions, feature plenty of green space, benches and oak trees. Some of the city’s most famous monuments are found in the squares.

We will be filling our minds and hearts with what Savannah has to offer us as artists with the gentle guidance of Jeanne Oliver Feb. 23-28. Won’t you join us? We have just a couple of spots left. See here for more detailed information.

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Creating with aBandon

Couldn’t resist the play on words. I spent last week in Bandon, Oregon with a group of very creative women. One of our activities was creating these dolls with Katie Kendrick. As a long time sewer, this was a wonderfully creative outlet for me. There is something contemplative about painting a face and watching a character come alive. They start to guide you in color choices for their clothing and accessories.

We stitched, stuffed and beautified each of our dolls. Of course, they had to have names, too. My tall one, Carlita, tends to her birds each day making sure that they are fed and nestled into their nest each night. Lucy Goose loves her special headdress that Katie shared with her. Isn’t she gorgeous with her flowers and leggings?

We had so much fun making these dolls that we encouraged Katie to create an online class. Self on a Shelf is in the works, but in the meantime, Katie is going to teach a class at my house in Gig Harbor, WA on March 7 and 8. We are going to squeeze in a class before we leave for Mexico City on the 12th. Contact me for details. These are a lot of fun to make, no sewing skills are needed. If you can thread a needle, you can make one of these adorable creatures. Come play with us!

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Breathing, living, drawing Savannah

I can’t wait to draw this

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah Georgia


Savannah with this woman

Jeanne Oliver

and a new art tribe

February 23-28

Sharpening my pencils in anticipation.

Come join us!

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Capturing the Essence of Bali Mixed Media Retreat with Lisa Pressman

thumb-53f16c072c05fb71efc7ad1881a6fce5Bali is a small island in Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world, after India, China, and the US. Since I am going all that way, why not have two trips? My second workshop, which is actually the first chronologically, will be with Lisa Pressman August 29-September 5, 2015. We have chosen the east side of the island, away from the tourist centered cities as the location to create Capturing the Essence of Bali Mixed Media Retreat.

We 3_1will stay in the fishing village of Amed with its volcanic beaches and small fishing boats called jukungs lining the shore. It is surrounded by rice paddy-lined hillsides and the jungle, all emptying into the Bali Sea with Mount Agung looming nearby.

Our destination, The Golden Buddha, Pazzo Cottages and Villa Paradiso, all owned by Rob Friedman and his partner, Wayan Menu.

Art Practice

Capturing the Essence of Bali in a quiet village will be the setting and inspiration for our creative work. Using mixed media (pastels, oil pastels, oil sticks, cold wax and paint) we will be informed by the culture and landscape in a retreat-like setting. If you haven’t used cold wax before, it’s an interesting medium to work with, it really challenges you to incorporate mark making, layering, and plays handily into Lisa’s favorite mantra, “what if you scraped back, exposed this or obliterated that?”

Lisa’s approach will be to have us gather ideas for inspiration in different ways to find our artistic voices. She is a firm believer in that traveling invigorates and challenges creativity. Part of this workshop will include creating a book of experiences which will feature photographs, sketches, and ephemera that will function as a source for future projects. We will be experimenting with our materials in daily creative exercises and using our cameras or phones to help to define our own vision. Writing assignments, discussions and collaborations will expand our visual language. While observing and experiencing the landscape, color and light around us, participants will create a series of small works on paper.

Lisa’s work is quite stunning and she is a patient, generous teacher who will also make time to talk about our professional practices and how to expand them, if that is your goal. If you are here to just play and expand your skills, that’s great, too.

We will start each day early before the heat interferes with our creativity and leave the afternoons free to swim, snorkel, dive or explore, meeting again in the evening for dinner and one night, a cooking class. Breakfasts and most lunches will be at the Golden Buddha where we will also have our classes. Rob has a what he promises to be an easy 1-hour Road to Bangle Hike that we will do one morning, and we will visit the local outdoor market in the town center with its many different types of crafts and foods. We will also visit the Amlapura marketplace and visit a silver smith while there. Our big travel day will be to visit the Lempuyang Temple with its 2,000 steps to the very top, and to the walled-in village of Tenganan where double ikat weaving is still practiced. This is the only place in Indonesia to see this weaving and one of three in the world. This is a very special treat.

Price for Workshop – $2800US

Seven nights accommodation
Airport transfers to & from the Denpasar airport on arrival and departure days only (this is a 3-hour journey each way … the scenery is breathtaking)
Opening night cocktail party
Five days of morning workshops with Lisa
Opportunities for private time with Lisa for professional development advice
Welcome dinner
Daily Breakfast and lunch
Cooking class taught by local Balinese chefs in Golden Buddha’s open-air kitchen using fresh local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques and equipment
One-hour Balinese massage at the day-spa at Golden Buddha
Day trip to Lempuyang Temple, and to the walled-in village of Tenganan
Special outing to Amlapura to visit silver shop and market place
Final evening dinner and party with special Balinese dancing

What is not included:
Airfare to/from Bali
Indonesian customs fees (entry and exit – approximately $30)
Alcoholic beverages (other than at opening dinner)
Travel insurance (highly recommended)
Additional excursions and spa treatments

A $1,000US nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your spot on this trip. The final balance is due June 1. There are no refunds or exchanges at any time for any reason. We wish we could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc.), but we have costs already incurred to reserve the retreat venue. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance.

You can read my previous posts about Lisa and her work here, and here. You can listen to Lisa talk about her practice in this video.

To reserve your spot or ask a question, please use the contact form below.

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Dyeing with Sue Stover

When I saw this piece by Sue Stover, I just had to share it. I’m on a swift trajectory upward learning about dyeing before our Great Indigo Adventure in September.

Isn’t this amazing? That is actual horsehair jutting out of the painting.

Imagine, this all started with a vat of indigo dye. My head is spinning with all the material that Judy Wise and Sue are making since they returned from Australia.

Here’s another incredible piece by Sue that I covet. Of course I am attracted to it because it has rusty bits attached.

Sue has quite the background in textile pigments and dyes, having taught at U.C. Davis and worked for Jacquard Products for ten years. She teaches workshops nationally and internationally and her paintings are in many private collections. Maybe one day, I’ll own one, too.

You can also find Sue on Facebook.

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Nurture by Lynne Hoppe

Lynne Hoppe’s work is so delightful, whimsical and her color palette is soothing to look at. I’m a big fan so you can imagine how excited I was when I nabbed this small painting by her. It was my Christmas present to myself. This one was coated with beeswax and had the added bonus of bees humming through the imagery. A face, wax, and bees–perfect!;

Nurture by Lynne Hoppe

Lynne is a very generous artist who often shares her techniques and the sources for her materials. I have to admit, I have purchased quite a few of her time tested wares. She has tutorials on her blog, including this one on how she paints faces. Here is the little tag that came with my painting. Edgar is so sweet.

by Lynne Hoppe

Here are a few of Lynne’s latest paintings from her recent blog post. It will be your visual treat for the day.

I framed Nurture on the inside cover of a very old book. It proudly hangs on my wall with my other treasures.

www.kathievezzani.comThanks, Lynne. XOXO

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