A Star is Born

Sharon Tomlinson often says that her collage pieces just happen to show up and audition themselves when they want to be included. I had to laugh because that is what happened with this “frame” around my painting. I had cut out the interior for a book that I am binding from Kate Kendrick’s class and just placed it aside. Later when I was painting this girl, I looked over and said, that would be interesting. And so it auditioned……..and made it. It’s a fun little piece.

About Kathie Vezzani

Rust, wax and paint move me, traveling with other artists inspire me, and so I attend workshops and plan them with other artists. My curiosity is endless and I am fearless when it comes to my art.
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3 Responses to A Star is Born

  1. spaark says:

    Kathie..these are great. Love your cool at any age. When you say your husband made you boards are you talking stretched canvas or actual board? I really like the size of these. Glad to hear you are whipping them out! Julie


  2. Sunny says:

    It’s beautiful! You are on fire!!! xoxo


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