Artist Belen Segarra

Meet illustrator Belen Segarra, a young illustrator from Valencia, Spain. Her whimsical work is just delightful.

Flores, lágrimas y tiendas de lámparas

Groenlandia: Laura

Rojo, Postcards from Paris

I found her on Natalie Walstein’s The Flood, Creative Arts and Cultural Zine and Blog.

You can see more of Belen’s work in her Portfolio or on her blog.

About Kathie Vezzani

Rust, wax and paint move me, traveling with other artists inspire me, and so I attend workshops and plan them with other artists. My curiosity is endless and I am fearless when it comes to my art.
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5 Responses to Artist Belen Segarra

  1. Bob Martin says:

    Interesting work. I think yours is better but it’s fun to see different styles. Thanks!


  2. Virginia Wishard says:

    Interesting that my son, Bob would respond to this as well. I like her work ALOT. Of course, you are my favorite forever but I do like the whimsical approach she takes. Its like your putting the last chapter to a book…all your choice as to her story line or in this case her artistic thought. Virginia


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